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Abundance Ritual Candle

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This powerful intention Abundance Ritual Candle is for the purpose of bringing abundance in one's life, specifically in the monetary form.  Hand-poured four (4) ounces of non-toxic premium grade soy wax in a glass jar with a metal lid, a wood wick and  infused with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils and topped with herbs that are known to attract money, to promote abundance, wealth and blessings.  Though not a promise, our craftsmen's claim to  have always received unexpected blessings when using this blend. 

Available as: One (1) single candle: Abundance Ritual Candle or
Six (6) candle set which includes: 1 Blessings, 1 Abundance, 1 Peace, 1 Love spell, 1 Grief and 1 Space clearing candle. 

Processing Time: 1-2 days.

Ships from the United States in 8 - 14 days.
International Shipping is not available.